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heal through connection to yourself

I believe that health and well being are made up of many factors, and that the way we live and treat ourselves directly effects and determines our physical, emotional, mental, and energetic health.  I believe that through nourishing ourselves in the way that best matches our individual constitution and many life needs we can reset our whole system to one of health and well-being.  I believe that our relationship to ourself, and the way we live day to day can be an expression and act of self-love.  It can be a positive aspect of our life.  

There are many ways at zarabird that we address these different levels of health. From the food we eat, to the herbs we take, to the daily spiritual practices we can do to increase our connection to ourselves and to what we believe in.  

At zarabird we are dedicated to making our lives and our bodies an environment where healing can occur by starting from the inside out. 

We all deserve to be connected and nourished to the fullest.  Welcome to zarabird.



private cooking

Fill Your Fridge is a comprehensive private cooking package offering unique, nourishing, 100% organic, delicious, high level nutrition for every aspect of your life. It is designed to fill your fridge with vibrant, healthy, nutritionist formulated meal components that you and your family can then mix and match as you wish.  Programs are tailored to your unique life situations, health needs, and nutritional goals. Support your optimal health by eating whole foods with out taking time away from your many life commitments. 


whole women's healing

Whole Women's Healing is a comprehensive practice and space where we look at the health of the whole woman.  It is designed to bring balance, awareness, and transformation to many areas of women's health in order to facilitate deeper connection to oneself, health, and the path of healing. Through comprehensive health intake, botanical medicine, holistic nutrition, and increased self-care practices such as meditation and prayer, you can find a new balance that is more aligned with who you truly are..